Toscano Maintenance
Slate Hill, NY Job

Completed July 14, 2007

Right side, before.
Right side, after staining.
Right side, after staining.
Front of the house, before stain.
Front of the house, before stain.

Left side, before.
Back right, before.
Back left, before.
Deck, before.
Still wet
Back patio, before
Side looking towards the front, before.
Back patio area, complete.
Deck, almost complete.
Deck, complete.
Back of the house, complete.
Lattice under deck, complete.
Deck rails, complete.
Back, complete.
Looks like a candy apple.
Left side, complete.
Check out the difference!
Working on the front.
Use it as a background.
Finished front!
Miller time!
Getting the mold off the roof.

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